The gentle giant dog named Perry was ᴛɪᴇᴅ to a sled with the words: “Over 10 years old. Can’t walk anymore”.

The senior dog was abandoned in a sled in front of the Humane Wanderers Association in Canastota, New York, and members of the rescue team immediately came to its rescue. They could see ᴘᴀɪɴ and the hope in his eyes. Perry was unable to move and was shocked when rescuers discovered him. He seemed ᴅᴇᴘʀᴇssᴇᴅ and almost gave up on life.

Staff say their camera system was down around the time the dog was brought to the shelter, so they don’t have any clues as to who this poor guy belongs to. The dog lying in the sled looks very calm and bright. Perhaps its owner couldn’t afford to take care of it anymore, so he brought it here. That’s much better than letting it roam the streets and what ᴡᴏʀsᴛ can happen to it.

The vet thoroughly examined Perry and determined that his coat had ᴡᴀsᴏ ᴍᴀᴛᴛᴇᴅ and ᴛɪɢʜᴛ on his skin that made it very painful for him to move. That’s the main reason why he can’t walk! Rescuers began giving him physical therapy to help him start using the muscles in his legs again. He is now walking and much better mentally, thanks to the shelter that brought him in and started physical therapy and laser treatment. Perry comes in with a skin disease ᴛᴇʀʀɪʙʟᴇ which might explain why he’s so depressed. His coat is also fibrous, making it ᴅɪꜰꜰɪᴄᴜʟᴛ for him to move and walk.


Perry was quickly admitted to the foster care facility where his adoptive mother Susie Schond-Salvage, continued to treat him, texting back: “He’s getting much better. Life was brought back when looking into his eyes. And it’s great to see him happy and grateful that we’re a part of it. He touches the lives of everyone he meets.” Shelter workers want to remind people that if they fear they won’t be able to care for an animal, there are services available to support them and abandonment is not an option.

The treating doctor added that “He is very affectionate and Perry loves to be around people, always wanting to say hello to everyone he meets. He really is a sweet soul.” And the sweet soul seems to have found its permanent home.

Shelters whenever owners are in a situation where they can no longer care for their animals – abandonment is never the solution and there are always resources and people available. can help you.


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