Meet The Cat Who Hangs Around Hospital For A Year, Ending Up Getting Hired As A Security Cat

No matter how boring or difficult your job is, you have to admit that co-workers make the work experience much less of a hassle. There’s always someone you can sympathize with, joke around with and be friends with in an environment that’s all about work and nothing fun. What if I told you that having a coworker is even better when it’s not a human but a cat? Yes, a staff cat who has now become a member is seen at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia

This story is a testament to the power of perseverance. One cat found a job in a hospital thanks to sheer hard work and dedication. His deeds are also lovely and friendly, which only serves as a bonus. Elwood, a red and white tabby, hung around an Australian hospital for a year until they finally gave him a job on their security team.

Meet Elwood, the red-and-white melon seen hanging around the main entrance of Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Chantel Trollip of Epworth Hospital says that Elwood has been going to the hospital to relax pretty much every day for about a year now. He spends most of his time guarding the front, checking to see if people have pets that need attention, or getting some sunshine in the nearby bushes. It does what a cat does best.

One day when Trollip went to work she noticed that Elwood was currently wearing a necklace with a tag. Upon closer inspection, she found that Elwood had apparently been hired to work as part of the hospital security team. Trollip said: “The first time I noticed the ID badge on him was in June, seeing his ID badge completely changed my mood. When I first saw him, he was wearing nothing so I thought he was lost”.

Then someone put a necklace and a tag on him and most recently he has his own ID badge, which is identical to our employee badge down to the call number on the back. Elwood’s great interest in maintaining public order at the hospital helped him get a proper job as a security guard. Congratulations, Elwood!


His day job hasn’t really changed as he still does the same two things: locking the door to make sure no one comes in without paying the pet tax and lounging in the sun. “He’s lovely and friendly, but not overly emotional,” Trollip said. He loves being patted, but likes to keep things brief and move around a bit. He’s on the security team anyway, making sure everyone coming and going is checked.”


Trollip and her colleagues don’t know exactly where Elwood comes from or to whom he belongs, but he always seems to be completely at ease in the hospital. After a while, no one really questioned it anymore and saw Elwood as just another hospital employee.

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