The Cat Looked Like All His Siblings, Then Something Unbelievable Happened !

When we think of cats, we tend to think of cute little clumps of fur that we can’t wait to cuddle. However, there is one cat that many owners do not like. That is if they are lucky enough to welcome one into the world.

When Gracie was born, she looked like a normal kitten, but she didn’t grow at the same rate as her siblings and started shedding all her fur.

Adoptive mother Brianna Waltman fostered two pregnant cats and gave birth a week apart. This results in a line of 12 kittens. They all look pretty much the same, starting until one begins to stand out a few days after being born. Dubbed “Gracie” she was taken to the vet after her coat started falling out. Brianna thinks it must be a high fever!

Briana said: ‘I noticed one was looking a bit weak and shedding so I immediately took him to the vet for a checkup, where I was told he might have had a fever before, but if he didn’t. It’s fine and healthy.”

Turns out, despite her strange appearance, Gracie is completely healthy? “Gracie lost all her coat and went completely bald for about a week until the peach-pink fluff started growing back. When it begins to grow, it is mottled black and white. I think it’s cute, and again, I think it’s the fever.”

We were very concerned for her health, but she made small improvements soon after and her hair started to grow back. When she started growing up, I really couldn’t fathom how weird she looked and how she didn’t look like her siblings or her parents.

I came across a cat that looked like that but I didn’t think much of it. As she grew up, I Googled different types of cats with black and white pepper fur and bald faces, and in the end, I discovered she was actually a wolf cat, or appropriately named. rather than “Lykoi”.

Her coat can be brushed forward and backward, like a wolf’s coat. She has sensitive skin and will need extra attention to watch for grease that builds up around her face and legs.

Gradually Gracie began to grow hair, although there were still some small bald spots. Brianna was shocked to see how different she was from the rest!

ometimes I even smell her old infant scent and I love it. That’s probably one of those weird things.

The wolf cat has only one coat and sheds more often than most other cats. She is like every other domestic cat except that she looks like a werewolf, she comes as a natural genetic mutation from the wild colony her mother is a part of.

Thanks to Brianna, Gracie is a very happy, healthy cat who loves life and lives it to the fullest. The full moon hasn’t proven to be a problem!


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