In The Middle Of The Street The Dog Lost Consciousness, Unable To Open His Eyes Before The Expressionless Gazes Of Many People.

A poor little dog lying in the middle of the road in front of the eyes of dozens of passersby broke the hearts of many people. They could not imagine such laziness and lack of love towards the innocent creature begging for help. But what they did to save and transform her life restored our faith in humanity.

The stray dog left alone struggles to survive the cold, the hunger, the loneliness. It completely breaks our souls.

This does not take into account the serious dangers they face, due to irresponsible drivers and residents, often cruel and insensitive. Many people turn their faces away, showing no mercy for these helpless little souls, also a piece of life, but to them it doesn’t seem to matter at all. This dog collapsed on the street but couldn’t open his eyes.

Fortunately, in India, there are angels known for their invaluable rescue work. This is Animal Aid Unlimited, based in Udaipur, who perform extraordinary acts of love daily to save the lives of many stray dogs living in unsanitary and abandoned conditions in the area.

Just like with a vulnerable puppy, its transformation is truly amazing. The furry animal was lying on the road fighting for her life when these heroes, who always inspire us with their work, united their eyes to her.

They found it severely malnourished, collapsed on the sidewalk and died without help. His condition was so fragile that even opening his eyes required a lot of effort. He also injured his hip, but despite everything, he fought bravely for his life.

They did not hesitate for a second to mobilize the emergency team to rescue the dying dog in front of the dazed looks of many people. They lifted it up very gently so as not to injure it and took it to their humble rescue center

Later, was diagnosed with distemper disease, a virus that often has a fatal prognosis. She wouldn’t have survived if she hadn’t been rescued that day.

For 14 days they treated her with antibiotics, intravenous fluids and lots of care, but most of all they gave her love. They devote themselves to filling her with caresses and promise her that they will fight hard for her.

No doubt she has a great will to keep living and her fight was worth it as she is now truly healthy and happy.

After receiving loving and patient treatment, she was able to walk on her own and made a full recovery. In just two weeks, she was incredibly happy and grateful, knowing they saved her life. There was no trace of the trembling and dying dog lying on the street in front of everyone’s indifference.

In their meager capacity, the Angels of Animal Aid do everything to save the lives of all animals in distress and ask for donations to continue to help the creatures in distress on the way. Without the work of animal lovers and people working to save her life, she would have died alone in the streets.

Spreading this message is a small part contributing to raising the awareness of protecting street animals, much needed!


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