He Was Blinded And Abandoned After Being Ineffective At The Puppy Factory, But Fate Always Protects The Best

Benki was abandoned in Lara, Venezuela on November 5, this dog was blind and lost its right hind leg.

Benki also had symptoms of sᴇxᴜᴀʟ abuse that often occurs with male dogs from ‘puppy farms or puppy mills’. That is, the mother/father dog is abandoned when it is no longer “productive” to make money..

In Benki’s case, they were able to blind him to prevent him from running back, then something hit him and sᴇᴠᴇʀᴇᴅ his right hind leg.

Fortunately, the X-ray showed no serious internal injuries but Benki has been severely affected emotionally, which is of great concern.

Unaccustomed to being blind, he quickly got lost and cried a lot, the vet tried to reassure him by chatting with him a lot.

The good news is that he is an intelligently developed dog. His feeling also improved a lot after a week of taking refuge. He can determine the direction of speech in about 10 days of training.

Now he is a completely normal dog. Benki gained weight rapidly due to inactivity. However, his foster person is doing his best to make him feel ‘safe’ right now. Encourage him to move up and down the stairs of the shelter and give him boundless love.

He is still working on finding him a new long-term love home.

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