Kitten Rescued From Garbage Bin Didn’t Even Look Like A Cat

A garbage collector saves a foam-covered cat standing upside down

Earlier this month, a sanitation worker in Oregon was dumping trash into his truck when something involved his ear.

From deep inside the crate came the pitiful cry of an animal in need of help. Taking a closer look, the worker found this – a frail kitten that had been sprayed with hard foam by some villain and left to ᴅɪᴇ.

Diane Healey, from Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic, told FOX 12 News: “It looked like something straight out of a Halloween horror show. “Obviously it wasn’t there for too long, or he would have suffocated. His head was covered, his face was covered, his legs were stiff, he couldn’t move.”

Fortunately, the kitten was soon freed from the foam that was covering her.

“The driver brought the bin back to the Hillsboro Garbage Facility, where store staff worked together to get the 8-week-old male cat out of the spray foam and take him to the local vet for treatment. cared for,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement.

Officials say the kitten was likely born from a feral cat known to live near a multi-unit residence where the trash bin is located. They are seeking the public’s help in tracking down who is responsible for this heinous animal abuse.

Meanwhile, the rescued kitten is now safe and healthy despite what happened to it. A spokesperson for Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter, where the kitten is being treated, told that its prognosis is good:

“He is expected to make a full recovery.”


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