‘Tough Guy’ Cat Shows His Rescuers That He’s A Sweet Old Teddy Bear

Jen Boger was looking through shelter animals’ files when she came across a photo of a cranky old cat named “Mason” with a “tough” face. Boger, who volunteered as a cat adoption coordinator for the Lost Dogs and Cats Rescue in Northern Virginia, knew right away that he had to join them.

Boger, who runs the blog Pokey Pot Pie, says: “He’s been described as rough in appearance, but very likable and sweet. “These tough old cats are my absolute favorite. Although they are often injured and beaten for fighting to survive on the streets, I find that most of them are very cute cats.”

Boger knew if their rescue hadn’t intervened, Mason might never have been given the second chance he deserves. Boger said: “Looking at Mason’s photo and description, I knew he was the type of cat that would be picked up again and again by potential adopters and other rescuers because he looked so skinny, tough and weak”.

When Mason arrives at Boger’s house, he’s eager to leave behind his hardline lifestyle. The first few days, he hid from Boger when he heard her approaching but quickly gained the confidence to ask what he wanted more than anything.

“Now, he’ll either wait for us at the door or run over as soon as he hears us approaching,” Boger said. “He loves to be petted and will nudge your arm or arm if you stop for even a few seconds.”

“He has no bones in his gray old body,” added Boger. “There is only so much and so much love to give.”

Mason has been alone for too long with no one to take care of and it shows. “We expected him to show up with shaggy fur, filthy ears, full of fleas, and generally a little disheveled,” Boger said. “But, in fact, he is the saddest, sickest cat I have ever seen.”

Both of Mason’s ears were damaged and deep scars ran down the sides of his face. His coat has scabies and he is suffering from several other health and dental problems, including ringworm.

But after weeks of vet visits, Mason is recovering and feeling better every day. Boger said: “Although Mason had some health challenges, everything seemed surmountable. “He’s reacted incredibly well to everything that’s come his way so far.”

According to Boger, although Mason has been through a lot in his life, he is still just a “sweet, gentle, little teddy bear”. And whoever adopts him will have an instant best friend with lots of love to give.


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