The Kennels Emptied As They All Got Adopted Except For A Sad Lonely Pit Bull – Dogs Stories

A sweet senior Pit Bull, named Capone, watched as everyone around him got a forever home. Rather than being taken out of his kennel and heading to a place he could feel safe and loved, he was either ignored or put back in his kennel after a brief meeting.

Each sanctum mate got espoused and left, one by one. Until Capone was the only one leftism.

It broke the staff’s hearts. “ For quite some time Capone was the only canine we had in the sanctum,” Carly Quinn, the director of the Ionia County Animal Shelter, told. “ All the kennels were empty, except for sweet, quiet, kind Capone.”

Capone was originally espoused not long after coming to the sanctum but due to not getting along with another canine at the house, he was returned. Capone came despairing. He was so depressed that he stopped eating.

“He lost quite a bit of weight as he just didn’t have the appetite he did in his home,” Quinn said. “It was veritably hard to get him to eat. We had to blandish him daily with treats and varied wet foods.”
Everyone could see that Capone didn’t He just lost his appetite… he lost a part of himself.

“He agonized,” Quinn said, “ and anyone who has felt true heartache understands how proper diet takes the aft seat.”

After being returning to the kennel, Capone changed. “ The Capone we met in 2017 and the Capone wet met in 2018 were two different tykes,” Quinn said. “ After he was surrendered the alternate time, it sounded like he picked and chose his musketeers as if he truly felt betrayed. He came veritably attached to us sanctum staff.”
“He’s a velcro canine,’” Quinn added. “A canine who loves to be right coming to you, always touching you.”
Staff continuously participated in Capone’s print on their Facebook runner, hoping the right person would see him and give him the life he deserves.

Eventually, posting his print on social media paid off!
Quinn checked their Facebook runners and saw a letter from a couple interested in Capone. “ They had fallen in love with his filmland and his story,” Quinn said. “ (When) they came into our sanctum latterly that day, they had formerly gone to the pet store and made him a custom name label with his name and their information.”

Quinn said, “ As I walked into the lobby with Capone, he stopped and looked at Jon and Ashlee for a while. They both knelt down and Capone ran right into their arms.”

“ It was truly a tearjerker,” Quinn added.

The staff was so nervous about Capone’s return when he left. But over time, and as they kept an eye on Capone, they realized he did get his happily ever after. Just look at his serene sleepy smile in his new home.

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