The Dog Was Born With Five Legs And Two Tails, Was Discriminated Against All His Life For It And Lived On The Streets Unloved

I Hope this is named Mia. She is a gorgeous puppy born with various problems and abnormalities on her body. Mia was born with two tails and five legs, a rare combination.

The dog’s owners can only care for Mia for a short time, and they can’t care for the puppy or cover the costs of her specialist therapy.

Casas Cunas Animal Rescue accepted the puppy and took care of Mia in the best way possible. The baby will be dewormed because he is only two months old and has a big belly. Mia has two long tails close to her waist and a third leg. She has two anus, two vaginas and other genetic problems that make her use her two anus as a urinal. She also experienced two episodes of nausea.

Before the necessary medical operations can be performed, she needs more accurate X-rays and ultrasounds, so the shelter is currently in need of funds to help with her surgery. All puppies in Mia’s litter that are still alive have been adopted and not all of them have the same illness.

In 2021, a dog named Skipper was seen by a doctor at Neel Veterinary Hospital. Believed to be Skipper’s twin, the pup was born with six legs, two tails, two pelvic regions, and two reproductive systems. However, they cannot be completely separated.

Mia most likely has had the same birth defect since birth. The first of Mia’s two procedures should be completed in five days. Mia continues to receive routine veterinary care. According to her most recent checkup, the puppy will have a long life, which is a positive thing. Helping her now is difficult and expensive.

Mia’s story is being used by animal rights advocates to raise funds for her upcoming activism.


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