Rubble Is the Oldest Cat in the World – And Celebrates His 30th Birthday !

The elderly cat named Rubble – has been with owner Michele Foster since she adopted him as a kitten on her 20th birthday in May 1988. The pair have been inseparable. left since then and Rubble is now the same age as the last world record holder. Rubble, who lives with his owner, celebrated his birthday with a surprise party at City Vets veterinary hospital in Exeter, England.

Happy 30th birthday to Rubble. “Rubble is CityVets’ oldest cat patient and potentially the oldest cat in the UK! The doctors working here surprised Rubble when he came in for routine check-ups with a balloon and his favorite food! Rubble is on blood pressure medication but other than that he is in good health now.”

Rubble was treated to some of his favorite treats and given a free health check to mark a particularly memorable day

He is a lovable cat although he is a bit grumpy in his old age. He’s still very happy with life, but I don’t think we’ll go down the Guinness World Records route because I’m not sure if he wants more audiences to come to him.

Rubble got a free check on some bags of Catmilk and Felix Whiskas, and less appreciated next month’s free supply of drugs as his birthday present from City Vets. It’s old now,” said its owner, “and doesn’t like too much attention or being disturbed. We would love it if Rubble could enjoy his old age.”

Doesn’t like too much attention or being bothered. We would have preferred if he could live to old age in peace.

The owner adopted Rubble in 1988, as a gift for her 20th birthday. She said she was very lonely at the time, living alone and the kitten was part of a litter her sister’s friend was raising.

Indeed, the veterinary hospital has been of great help in keeping this kitten forever healthy. This cat is approximately 137 years old in human age! The Maine Coon ruffled cat is in excellent condition for its age.


What is the “world’s oldest” cat you’ve ever had in your life? . Let’s be grateful for our pet cats! every moment we have with them will be wonderful.

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