Kittens Climbed On Top Of Him To Get Him In, Talked About A Storm, And Immediately Took Their Cats

Tara never expected that a trip to pick up something for her yard would end with her adding a new member to her family. A few months ago, she was running errands when she learned of a kitten in need of a home.

As an animal rescuer, Tara was forced to see the kitten and was immediately mesmerized. Tabby has extra toes on each foot (like a multi-toed species) and curly ears. His owner couldn’t bring him with them because they were moving, and Tara couldn’t stop thinking about him.

After leaving her belongings at home, she returned with the kitten. “It was a meaningful situation. I told the woman I was going to have the baby,” Tara said.

The tabby cat was instantly enamored with his new mother and climbed onto her lap and onto her chest. He kept his engine running loud and started a full conversation with Tara, as if to confide in her everything about his life.

Newcomer named Sir Maximus Flip (or Max) feels at home. He followed Tara everywhere she went and jumped into her lap as soon as she sat down. It’s clear from the start that this little guy is a big attention seeker. After Max settles into his new home, Tara introduces him to the rest of the fur rescue team. Mickey, a special needs cat with an outgoing personality, takes care of his kitten. After a few welcomes, he showed Max the strings and encouraged him to play.

Mickey is intrigued by Max’s extra digits, and Max is curious about having an older friend to do somersaults with. Instantly, the kitten ran around the room, lunging at Mickey with sneak attacks and keeping him on tiptoe like a cranky little brother.

Finally, when Max was tired, he curled up with his friend to wipe him off until they fell asleep together. Mickey becomes a mentor to the new kitten and teaches him some cat manners and boundaries. Max gradually grasps the concept of personal space but often lets his curiosity overwhelm reason.

He met Mira and Archie, another polydactyl, and faced them without fear. Tara said: “First it escaped from the infant gate, then the baby cot. When I woke up in the middle of the night, it was on the pillow above my bed.”

“He mastered the bed stairs, turned them into sleeping places, then decided he liked the comforter much more.”

Despite being overpowered by the resident dogs, Max considers himself the most ferocious and manages to wrestle with their fangs and grab their furry tails. With those big feet, Max believes he can climb anything if he wants to. “The first time he tried using the cat tree, he was able to push Archie out.”

This orb of energy constantly plots his next antics. He brought a lot of fun and laughter to everyone in the house, and a lot of activity for his hairy gang. “Sir Max likes to follow me everywhere, and Mickey likes my feet too. He’s also a man of few words and can hold a full conversation,” Tara added.

“I’m so glad I saved him. No matter how crazy he is, he’s mom’s favorite son just like everyone else, and makes me laugh every day with his feral cat antics .”


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