But the two siblings are Blind Puppy and Deaf Dogs who love to play and explore

Blind Puppy And Her Seeing Eye Dog Are Looking For A Home Together, Now Up For Adoption

At first glance, Star and Denver look like perfectly normal 3-month-old puppies. But the two siblings are Blind Puppy and Deaf Dogs who love to play and explore; They fly around the room, chasing toys and chasing each other until they both pass out in bed.

But there is something very special about the way these two play. Star the dog is Blind Puppy and almost completely deaf thanks to her brother’s loving care that she can live her life to the fullest. Denver acts as an instructor for Star, constantly checking on her to make sure she’s okay.

But the two siblings are Blind Puppy and Deaf Dogs who love to play and explore

Jackie Kelleher, social media manager at Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC), shared: “When Star seemed lost, Denver would run up and check in with her. They love to play together, do acrobatics, play with rope toys and chew stuffed toys.”

Denver is always on guard when it comes to her sister, making sure she knows he’s near. “He does this by nudging her,” Kelleher said. “Star can also smell him and if she gets lost, she will move around the room until she runs into him.” Although the puppies are now safe, things could have turned out very differently if it weren’t for the kindness of strangers.

A couple stumbles across Star and Denver, abandoned in a rural area of Louisiana, along with their mother and six siblings. The couple looked after the small family until the puppies were finished nursing, then arranged a rescue to bring the litter in. Eight puppies traveled nearly 2,000 miles to San Diego, arriving at HWAC in early February. Since then, all but Star and Denver have found their permanent home.

Now, rescuers are hoping to find someone, preferably a local, who can care for and care for these pups when they need them. Star loves her independence and seems to be barely aware of her special needs – as long as her brother is there to protect her.

“When she moves to a new place, she moves very slowly, cautiously putting one foot in front of the other and she ‘draws out’ the area around her,” says Kelleher. “Denver will always be alert to her needs even when they are near humans.”

The two baby mice bond for life and can’t wait to share the love they have with the right family.


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