Because They Provide Each Other Delight, A Street Cat Loves Her Only Daughter Completely.

A pregnant stray cat was picked up on the street and sent to a 24-hour veterinary facility a few weeks ago. Because the mother needed a place to raise her kittens, clinic staff turned to local animal advocates Best Friends Felines for help.

“Luckily we were able to find a free guardian at this point. Best Friends Felines’ Nikki says,

“We expect to be in a few weeks at the earliest, and we’re ready for a complete litter of kittens.”

To their surprise, the cat Desiri gave birth much earlier than expected, with only a large kitten that was exactly like its mother. Nikki said: “It was amazing, but she only gave birth to one kitten, which is very rare. Worried, we took her to the vet for an ultrasound to make sure there were no more kittens inside”.

Desiree and her not-so-small child move into the house of the guardian (Eli) and live happily. She eats well, sleeps well, takes care of her children and has a home of her own. Mom feeds her cats in the most unexpected places, ignoring all the cozy beds and big boxes available to her. With comfortable upholstery and upholstered furniture, she chose a cramped hard compartment in the cat’s climbing frame where you can keep precious baby Tato so close that there’s nowhere nearer.

Nikki said: “Her love for Tato, as an only child, is limitless with no siblings able to compete with the girl for her mother’s attention.” While spending the first week close to her daughter, Desiri finally begins to rest between feedings and uses them to research the house.

“With cautious curiosity, she checked all the rooms before returning to her mother’s duties,” Eli shared. “Tattoo is still the biggest, round and fluffy.”

Tato’s size wowed everyone at the vet’s office when she first walked in. Her words cut off as her eyelids opened, which the girl took full advantage of. As soon as there was enough strength in her muscles, she started moving. “Tato is working hard to get back on his feet; she’s tenacious, and if she doesn’t nap, she moves.”

Desiree is committed to her daughter’s health, keeping her perfectly clean and well-fed.Tato skimmed through each milestone with ease.

“Tato has also discovered how much she loves to be petted. Eli writes,

“She closed her eyes and gently pulled her body toward my palm, maximizing the touch.”

The responsible mother stepped out of the room to greet the neighbors cats and dogs. However, when she heard Tato cry, she ran over and kissed the kitten. “She doesn’t leave the room for long, but I hope we will be able to enjoy lying on the couch with Desi’s mother as Tato becomes more active and independent.”

Mother and daughter are touched by their looks, the love between them is interesting. They give each other joy and support every day.


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