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Did you know? A cat can be pregnant by different males, so kittens from the same litter can have multiple sires. That’s why you can never know what kittens will look like, and you can also expect big surprises – like black kittens from a white cat and vice versa!

Sometimes the resemblance is so obvious that there is no longer any room for doubt. You don’t need a test, you just see the child is theirs, and the same thing happens in the cat world… Here is a series of kittens that are identical to their parents.

1. This newborn kitten has the same spot on her nose like her mom.

2. This is my step Son

While the image looks a little staged the parent and son resemblance is both very real and very uncanny! Maybe it is a parent guarding the kitten against someone or thing.

3. Same colors, same expression.

4. Father and son: if the color of the hair was not the same, it is their affection that eliminates any doubt about the degree of kinship.

5. . Have you noticed? Same thicker black band under the neck, then darker lines of less thickness.

6. Spot The Difference

Sadly cats are not ladybirds, you can not count the spots and hope to know you are the parent of any kitten. But markings are still a dead giveaway.

7. Multiplicity Family

While I do think this is one of the best images of adult cats and their cute mini counterparts I can’t help but think that the odds of both parent and child being down with the exact same eye defect is a little too far-fetched and might be a Photoshop job. But I could be wrong, and if so it’s amazing!

8. Nice and Steady Son, Nice and Steady

I would imagine it is a joy for an adult cat to teach their offspring the way to hunt. Passed down from generation to generation it is a right of passage.

9. The white “beard” is passed down from generation to generation.

10. It is difficult to say that they are not mother and son: the elegance is the same!

11. The kitten has yet to work on her pouting expression, but she is well on her way to looking like mom

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