New Species of Brightly Colored Fish Discovered in the Maldives

Scientists have discovered a new species of brightly colored fish in the Amazon River. The new species, named Pristimantis mutabilis, was identified by researchers from the University of Michigan and the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Brazil.

The fish is characterized by its bright yellow-orange coloration and its ability to change color quickly. It is also distinguished by its unique pattern of stripes and spots, which vary in color from yellow to red.

The fish was discovered in the Amazon River basin, near the city of Manaus, Brazil. It is the first new species of amphibian to be discovered in the Amazon in over 20 years.

The researchers believe that the fish’s ability to change color quickly is an adaptation to its environment. It may be used to hide from predators or to attract mates.

The discovery of the new species is a reminder of the importance of preserving the Amazon’s biodiversity. The Amazon is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are still undiscovered.

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