Krieger the Cat Would Like to Speak to Management About Breakfast

Krieger, the black and white cat, was especially grumpy one morning while waiting for her dog Luigi to pick up breakfast.

The angry cat sat by the window, impatiently watching Luigi come home from the stables. She had never heard the cat make funny sounds as if it was mocking her, as if to say, “Blah blah blah blah.” Surely he is not happy with the service and wants to talk to the management.

At times like these, some of us are grateful that we didn’t translate the cat language. Possibly, he came up with a detailed list of complaints when she asked. Jocasta says, “Krieger is definitely my biggest drama cat.” Everyday attitude from Krieger, but this humorous reaction is something new.

Krieger had to wait for her furry brothers, that’s because her mother fed all the pets together. Anyone with a multi-pet household knows a daily routine at feeding time is essential to keeping everyone happy. Then, when the cats were served, it was Luigi’s turn to step into his large dog bowl. There is a method to madness.

Lana has a special purple slow feeder because she tends to eat too fast. “A lot of people have asked why Krieger has to wait for the dogs and want to see them fed,” says Jocasta. “Although Krieger may seem cranky, he is a very happy kitten when things go his way,” says Jocasta. On schedule He loves his brother Archer Looks like this kitten is only cranky if it doesn’t follow its routine.

Lana and Archer both aim to be funny and also do silly things. “Why would anyone think being a ‘cat girl’; is terrible? Cats are great,” she said, delighted to receive so much love from Archer.

You can stay tuned for more about Krieger and this exciting family. Everyone here looks happy because everything is going according to schedule.

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