Japanese Company Is Paying Its Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

An IT company in Japan has become 100% rescue cat friendly and to be friendly, we’d say they are paying their employees to literally adopt and rescue cats.

The aforementioned company, Ferry Corporation, is now home to many rescue cats. The presence of cats makes employees happier, more productive, and reduces stress, and the company believes it could actually be the cure for Japan’s workaholic culture.

Working in an office with roaming cats has increased employee productivity and reduced their stress levels. To motivate workers and encourage them to rescue every cat they can find, the company pays them 5,000 yen or $45 for each cat they will adopt or rescue.

At this company, there is a ‘Pick up Day to Work’ every day. The story quickly touched the hearts of many people and inspired them to do the same and help cats in need.

If you are curious to know more about the daily life of these office cats, check it out!

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