I Can’t Hold My Tears When I See The Poor Puppies Abandoned He Is Very Hungry

The scared puppy hides from everyone and receives great love from everyone. He’s too cute! I appreciate you saving him. As evidenced by its tail wagging, it is overjoyed to have a home and a caring family.

My best wishes go to the new owners of this lovely pup. You guys are like angels for saving this poor puppy, thank you so much! Continue your good deeds!

This dog has been hiding around these ruins for a long time, it is afraid to see strangers approaching, barely making contact with humans.

What a sweet little dog. I can’t help but compare him to a plush toy. I’m so glad you were able to save this child. You have a good personality.

Oh my gosh, they’re so tiny and cute. I need him! He has a young, cute face. I appreciate you finding him and saving him. Whoever abandoned him there did it in a horrible way. Kisses and hugs for this adorable newborn.


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