Four poor cats lying unconscious in the middle of the road after being abandoned by their owners in extreme hunger

It is a heart-wrenching sight to see animals left to fend for themselves in the streets, especially when they are in dire need of care and attention. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many animals face, including four poor cats who were left abandoned in the middle of the road, lying unconscious due to extreme hunger.

It is unclear how these cats ended up in this situation, but it is clear that their owners did not take responsibility for their well-being. As a result, these cats were left to starve and suffer on their own, with no one to turn to for help.

I went to pick up my son from school, next to me was the school my son attended. I go this way because it is convenient to go to the fields to pick vegetables and cook. It had just rained so the road had puddles of water. God, I passed a pack of cats lying on the street. God help, I see a bunch of kittens and a mother cat.
The cats look so pitiful. Maybe the dead mother cat lies next to the kittens meowing bewilderedly. I touched the kittens and found them wet. I took off my coat to hug the cats. I touched the mother cat and saw that it was still breathing, I knew that luckily she was still alive and I would quickly bring them home. I prepare them a warm bed, I hope they will be well. I have used a clean towel to wipe the eyes, nose and face of the cats, I know that they must be clean to get well.

The mother cat is weak I will have to give her medicine. This is a tonic specifically for kittens and puppies but is also very good for adult cats. Fortunately, the cat took all the pills. I made milk to feed the kittens, I found that their mother was sick and could not produce milk. The kittens ate very well, perhaps because it was so hungry.

Luckily I met the cats or they were in danger. Now I think the most important thing is to sleep with them. 3 days later they were healthy, the mother cat was able to eat well. I feel very happy. I gave the cat a small fish, no0s ate it very well because cats love fish.

Thankfully, a kind-hearted passerby noticed the cats and immediately contacted a local animal rescue organization. The organization quickly responded and rushed the cats to a nearby veterinarian for medical treatment.



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