Yogi, A Dog With A Human-Looking Face, Sends Internet Into Frenzy

‘s not every day that you come across a dog with a human-like face, which is why Yogi became famous on social media. As one can imagine, it is hard to believe that he is a real person based on his unique features.

The little Shih-poo has a humanoid face that is definitely different from most other dogs. It was quite confusing and led to his rise on social media.

It all started when Yogi’s owner, Chantal Desjardins, uploaded a photo of her two dogs. One of them is Yogi, the other is her other dog, Daria, a Shih Tzu. Desjardins thought nothing of the photo and just wanted to share his two dogs.

However, a big debate will soon erupt after people on the internet quickly noticed that there are noticeable human-like features on Yogi’s face. And with Daria as a quick comparison, people are quick to talk about what a human Yogi looks like.

In the photo, there is a clear difference between Yogi and Daria, as Yogi has large eyes with clear pupils and irises, quite different from Daria’s dark brown eyes. In addition, his lips were pouted more skeptical than Daria’s. With these differences, people began to comment on how human he looked.

After noticing the difference, one of Desjardins’ friends uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it went viral even more when people had more to say. Many people believe that the photo is a product of photoshop or face swap. Most are just sure what to think of the odd appearance.

One Reddit user said: “I laughed, then I got annoyed, now I’m trying to convince myself it was just a face swap.” Meanwhile, a lot of people on the internet are busy trying to find a celebrity to compare, with many being Nicholas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Sheeran or Paul Rudd.

Needless to say, the explosion of the Internet shocked Desjardins, who had never seen a stark difference between her dog and the other dogs, she explained, “He was very happy. He loves to play and cuddle. It’s funny because I haven’t actually seen it before. I don’t really see him as different”.

No matter how different he may be from other dogs in terms of looks, there’s no denying that he’s adorable too!

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