‘World’s Sᴀᴅᴅᴇsᴛ Dog’ Has Lost His Home And May Be Put To Sleep If No One Adopts Him Soon

Not long ago, thousands of people from all over the world applied to adopt Lana, a shelter dog dubbed “the saddest dog in the world”.

In October 2015, a photo showing Lana depressed in her crib went viral. The family that adopted her took her back to the shelter and Lana was too sad to go for a walk.

Lana was an illegitimate child when she was born in Mexico. She often has to compete for food with her siblings. She was then taken to Toronto, Canada, to give her a chance to have a real home. When she was 5 months old, it seemed that she had finally found her permanent family. Lana seems to be an enthusiastic and loving member of the family.

But one day, while being fed, Lana got angry at her mother. Her memories of being prey to the litter may cause her to be protective of her food. The family, with small children, became worried and they took Lana back to the shelter. And that’s when the photo of total rejection was taken. It was like her world closed.

For the first time telling Lana’s story, people from all over the world wanted to help her. Rescue Dogs Match has received 4,000 applications for her adoption and over $15,000 in donations.

After receiving a foster home, Lana, who was so sad, refused to eat or go for a walk, finally got another permanent home. It was January 2016 and the future looked bright. We think Lana’s story is over, with the happiest ending imaginable until now.

Last week, the appeal no one thought was possible: “May 14 is Lana’s birthday (she’ll be 3),” Rescue Dogs Match wrote in a Facebook post. “Please help find her a foster home or permanent home. Lana only has until May 20.”

When commenters asked what would happen to her after May 20, the rescue team replied that she may be put to sleep because she hasn’t been able to find a permanent home for three months. year. It turned out that Lana was brought back to the shelter in July 2016. Lana went to a boarding shelter until October 2016. After that, she went to a foster home for a week. She then went to another boarding facility in November 2016.

Now, with the boarding facility getting more and more crowded, they don’t have room for Lana anymore. But she still needs to find someone patient and caring enough to help her learn to trust.

Brenda Dobranski, founder of Rescue Dogs Match, says: “The adoption of Lana didn’t work out because people wanted a dog they could pet and play with. “Lana is a silly fun girl but she’s not the type of dog that will let you rub her belly and sleep in the same bed. She loves having a job.”

The best environment for Lana would be a farm where she can be outside most of the time. “She loves being outside no matter the weather, Lana likes to be a part of whatever’s going on but not in ‘tight’ areas.”

The best family for her would be an adult couple or someone with the time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident. She’s sweet and goofy, it’s ingrained in her personality. At first she was just shy, wary of strangers. When not around people she trusts, she tends to withdraw or become very hesitant.

Lana also loves being around other dogs, so someone willing to arrange dates with the neighborhood dogs would be ideal. Not sure what will happen to Lana on May 20th, unfortunately,  ᴇᴜᴛʜᴀɴᴀsɪᴀ is an option, but with all the time, support and money that has been spent with Lana, no one wants to think about that.

If you think you’re the one Lana really needs, you can email her to foster or adopt her. The rescue organization is reviewing applications from Canada and the United States. If you’re not that person, you can still help Lana by sharing her story again.

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