Woman Rescues ‘Hyena-Like’ Dog And Now She Has The Smoothest Coat

This sweet story reminds us that stray animals deserve a second chance. Most people steer clear of the thought of taking a stray animal off the street and making it their permanent home. It is understandable that taking care of a person will require more effort to make sure they are healthy. But it is not a reason to ignore them.

Jancis and Ashley noticed this hyena-like dog on a busy highway in Bali, Indonesia. The dog looked lost and scared as the traffic passed. They tried to lure her to the side of the road so they could see her clearly. When they finally got her to the curb, they were saddened by the dog’s condition.

They could see how badly she was ɪɴᴊᴜʀᴇᴅ, and it looked like she had sᴄᴀʙɪᴇs and other skin diseases. The dog seemed friendly, but she just froze when they picked her up. She’s in pretty bad shape, but Jancis and Ashley still think about rescuing her.

They drove the dog to Mission Pawsible to get the help they needed.

Mission Pawsible is an organization that helps educate, support, and inspire individuals, rescue forces, and other organizations that help stray animals and help find their permanent homes. They also help to rehabilitate the ɪɴᴊᴜʀᴇᴅ or sick strays until they are completely healthy just like this dog.

They named the dog Hilary Swank-y, a name they saw fit her personality. The moment they took her to the Healing Center, she started showing some style and playfulness. Even so, she still feels out of place among the other dogs. Looks like she doesn’t know how to play.

Until the day Hilary found her voice. She started barking and probably enjoyed the sound of it. Since then, she hasn’t stopped barking and has begun to grow out of her shell. “She never got quieter, but she got a lot healthier.” That’s how they describe Hilary.

As the days passed, her fur gradually grew back and her hyena-like appearance disappeared. She also learns to play and bond with other dogs. It’s finally time for her to be healthy enough to stay in her permanent home.

They send her to Canada, where her new mother is waiting for her. The moment she met her mother, Hilary was obsessed with her. She couldn’t hold back her happiness when she finally had a loving home.

Only her mother has the patience to deal with her courage.

She is still very playful but this time has learned to listen and obey. Maybe some gifts helped her, but she deserved it.

Success stories like Hilary’s will always remind us of our responsibility towards stray animals.

We may not be fully equipped on how to properly help them, but we can always call on rescue organizations for assistance. In the end, it is important that stray animals are safe.

You can also donate to causes and organizations like Mission Pawsible.

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