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Stories of dog rescues are some of the best stories. Removing dogs from unsafe, harmful, and bad conditions is something that animal lovers never get tired of hearing about – it’s a much-deserved second chance. However, sometimes – it’s not humans saving dogs – it’s the other way around.

Way is a stray dog from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who has a heart of gold. The street dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies and was doing everything in her power to care for them when she came across someone else needing some help.
Way had always managed to survive on the streets but now had plenty of other mouths to feed, so she scoured the area for any food she could find. July in Argentina, their winter, the temperatures were near freezing so she knew she had to hurry.
While Way was looking for food, she came across a newborn human baby in an alley clearly aban.do.ned by its mother. Without a second thought, Way’s maternal instincts kicked in, and she knew that the baby needed warmth and protection. So Way ran back to her puppies and carried them one by one to place around the newborn. She then wrapped her body around the group the best she could.

The next morning, a resident named Alejandria Griffin heard the cries of the newborn. And when she went outside to investigate, she was absolutely stunned at what she saw. A stray dog had taken in an aban.do.ned baby as one of her own. She immediately called the police for help. They rushed the newborn, now called Santino, to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Alejandria said: “I was awakened by the baby’s crying. And upon arrival, I was very surprised to see a pack of dogs trying to keep warm for a newborn baby. “
The doctors truly believe if it weren’t for the dog’s heroic actions, the baby would’ve ᴘᴀssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ. Way was hailed as a hero. Santino was in surprisingly good condition for what he had been through. Had it not been for Way’s loving, maternal efforts, who knows what could have happened to this poor baby.
Santino was in surprisingly good shape for what he’d been through, and most of that was thanks to the amazing care Way had provided.

In 2008, a similar story occurred in Argentina where a newborn had been aban.do.ned by his 14-year-old mother and was kept safe by a dog nicknamed La China.
Way is a true hero and she was taken in by a local shelter where she and her babies will soon find their forever homes.

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