Woman Asked For Help On Social Media After Finding Abandoned Dog With A Note “I’m Sorry, Please Take Care Of Her”

Dogs love people more than we could ever imagine. They are so much faithful and loyal that whenever people betray them, they always fail to understand what happened, even when the situation is perfectly clear.

However, not everyone appreciates animal company and sometimes our buddies get abandoned by their guardians. But we are here not to spread sadness. On the contrary! Today we want to share a story of a dog that, after being left alone, found a new home and a loving family.

On the 19th of December, Lais Chesine Monfrinato, a resident of Mairinque, Brazil, created a post on Facebook with a photo of a dog that was looking for a new home.

The animal was left by her door with a note “I am sorry, please take care of her.”

She found a puppy on the verge of .s.t.arving.

Lais was surprised to find an abandoned dog left only with a blanket, some food, and a note. The woman didn’t have much space in her house since she had three adopted cats already, so she asked for help on social media. Luckily, one of her friends, Rosane Carraco, who was moved by the story, decided to adopt the dog. Lais knew how good Rosane is with animals, so she didn’t think twice and decided to give the pet to her friend.

They gave him several baths to get him smelling like a dog again, and then tried to find his family. But it seems there was none, and Gettings believed their meeting had to be fate. After living in a foster home with other dogs and fully recovering from this experience, he found a forever home and is now living her best life with her new family.

The animal was received by the new family on the 26th of December as a Christmas present and was given a new name: Lua.

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