Woman Adopts 21-Year-Old Cat Abandoned by Owner to Give Him the Rest of Days

At a local veterinary hospital in 2015, Tiér was “abandoned” by his old self. Nichole and her brother were also looking for a companion to accompany her 6-year-old cat at the time.

They didn’t anticipate finding another cat because they already had one, but Tier’s story on the Castle Neighborhood Facebook page led to Nicle’s successful meltdown. They decided to bring this 21-year-old feral cat home from Twin Cities Veterinary Hospital because they wanted to give him the care he needed.

We looked at each other and said, “We’re taking that cat.” Nichole Sai “When we brought him home that night, he never seemed to experience the feeling of having a pillow or blanket.” But unlike other attractive individuals, the cat was horribly thin and underweight. The couple received Tianer’s prescription when they brought him in for a checkup. Gradually, Tier began to transform in an amazing way. He feels warm and happy at the same time because his fur is no longer shaggy and rough but instead is soft and silky.

However, the family did notice that Tipper was drinking water more often than usual. Nichole suspects that something is wrong, so she rushes him to the vet again. As it turned out, Tier had kidney failure and was walking around with a ball the size of a tumor in his abdomen.

Since she is a true cat lover, Nichole puts extra effort into fulfilling Tiger’s wish that she will live life to the fullest. She makes a to-do list and participates in all activities with him. Tieger is a wonderful cat. The couple posted their adventures from their bucket list to Facebook, where it quickly became famous. People often ask how Tier has changed the whole family for the better and how Nicle has adopted a big cat.

Nicle remembers that moment very well, but she is grateful and appreciative that Tier found safety in her arms at the last moment. He changed your heart, and by adopting new dogs, hopefully he will change the hearts of others too.

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