When They Discovered, Dog Was Bʟɪɴᴅ, Bʀᴏᴋᴇɴ, And Covered In Knots As He Lay On A Sidewalk.

“Bob” is a medium-sized puppy with small ears and eyes as black as oil and is about to ᴅɪᴇ. The unfortunate abandoned dog, with its fur entangled in the wire, lay in a corner, motionless, forgotten by everyone. His barking saved her life.

The pup’s plight was made known to the non-profit animal advocate, Proyecto 4 Patas; As soon as they received the notification, they immediately took action to get the little animal out of the predicament. Besides, he was blind and hungry.

Unlike other animals found in the corners, depressed and scared like Bob, with the arrival of volunteers, his face changed and he was happy because it must have been a long time. then he can’t be.

“It didn’t stop barking. She moved from side to side. I’m looking for affection and affection,” said Proyecto 4 Patas activist Germán Caro.

The event took place in an area near the Argentinian city of Morón, west of Buenos Aires, the capital of the southern country, where the organization operates thanks to which Bob is in good health today and perfectly happy with a New family welcome. as a member.

No words can describe Bob’s state

Caro takes over and, with her father, they arrive at their destination. When he arrived, his eyes couldn’t believe the dire condition the animal was found in, so they took a picture of it to attract attention and posted it on their social media.

“Bob, when we rescued him on the street, he didn’t look like a dog. THAT is a huge injustice to this innocent animal,” reads alongside an image of Bob.

Both lifeguards wrapped him in a cloth to try to ease the pain from multiple lacerations on his body, especially in his waist and legs. After trying to get him off the ground, they put him in a van headed for a pet shelter.

There they examined him in detail to rule out any other injuries and indeed, there were some small cuts on his back caused by the wire fence he was found in, and he can be released very slowly, being careful not to get hurt more.

“Between his fur there are twigs, wires, it’s an extraordinary thing. Also, she couldn’t get up, let alone walk. Of course, we tried to feed him a little, drink some water and let him rest for a while. It’s remarkable that he hasn’t done that in a long time,” said Germán.

On examination, the doctors also discovered his blindness: he had a very severe cataract, in addition to many fractures that prevented him from walking. In the process, the association published an incredible video showing how they created a new dog with the ruffles removed.

However, fortunately and despite the horror he went through, thanks to the rescue he is recovering, little by little, but satisfied. He started walking again after months of physical therapy. He also underwent surgery for his eye condition. He has gained a lot of weight and looks full of life, but the best part is that he started regaining his lost faith in humanity when a young woman named Nicole, as soon as she saw him on social media Assembly, loved and loved adopted him.

Share this story about the “before” and “after” in Bob’s life; seeing him let himself be petted or taken for a walk is something unique to comfort our spirits, something wonderful done by extraordinary people.


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