Vulnerable Puppy Alone On Vacant Street And Dragged A Sign Around His Little Neck

It’s often those who have the least that end up giving the most. A four-legged companion can mean the world for a homeless person. Pets are often their only source of comfort and compassion, in a hard and unforgiving reality.

A small, lonely puppy was found on the street. Locals said the dog belonged to a homeless person who lived nearby. Living in the years of everywhere, the dog’s owner was unable to be healthy enough to take care of it. Before leaving forever, he left the dog with a message, hoping that his dog will have a home.

At only 8 weeks old, the scared little puppy, who was whimpering non-stop, had an awkward sign placed on his neck that said: “I need a home.” Being a very poor area, where people struggle to feed themselves and their families, most of the people didn’t notice the helpless pooch. Who knows how many people walked past and did nothing! Finally, a woman saw the puppy and called the rescue organization.
Immediately, they came to pick up the puppy. He seemed in good health but he was certainly hungry and thirsty. The rescue group says a lot of puppies are abandoned in this part of the world and they have to live on the streets.

The puppy’s eyes lit as soon as he saw the kind rescuers. He instantly sensed that there was someone there to help him. The man gave the pooch some food and water that he inhaled in seconds. He was very hungry. The rescuers then brought the pooch back to his rescue center and introduced him to his other foster strays. Despite being a bit shy at first, the pup soon opened up and played with the other puppies.

The rescue group brought the puppy back to their headquarters where he was properly assessed. Medically speaking, he’s in good health. It’s inspiring to see how the world is always of people working to help these poor animals.

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