Veterinarian Comforts Burned Dog By Sleeping In The Crate With It Until It Feels Safe

One day, the dog Taka was in the house when his house unfortunately caught fire. Fortunately, it escaped, but suffered a severely burned dog and was taken straight to Care More Animal Hospital in Martinez, Georgia.

Emily Martin, the veterinarian at the hospital providing the information, said: ‘’Burned dog that burned around the eyes, mouth, ears and abdomen. At first, we weren’t sure how serious his injuries were because we were concerned about burns from inhaling large amounts of smoke.”

Emily explains: “I try to treat all my patients with the same level of care and concern, but Taka’s case really touched me. When he first arrived, he was in excruciating pain and we knew we had to act quickly to help him.”

Emily still keeps in touch with Taka’s family, and they eventually make the difficult decision to leave him in her care due to his severe injuries. As Taka’s vet and temporary carer, Emily not only provides Taka with the necessary medical treatment but also the love and care he deserves.

Emily will take Taka home when the hospital closes. When they were at the hospital, she often slept with him so he wouldn’t have to be alone. Luckily, one of Emily’s colleagues captured that heartwarming moment on camera.

Emily is amazed at Taka’s gentle demeanor despite the pain he’s going through. “Usually, when animals are in pain, they start to bite. But he never tried to bite, and was always happy with me,” she said.

All of us who work at the hospital hope that he will recover as soon as possible. Emily said: ‘He loves belly rubs and is a foodie, so he’s a bit of a glutton and he loves to be cuddled too’.

Emily has considered adopting Taka, but since she already has five dogs and a small child at home, she realizes that her home may not be the best fit for him. We wish Taka and Emily all the best!


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