“Unusual Looking” Puppy Adopted By Family Who Didn’t Care About Her Scars ❤️ Rescue Dog

Lisa the 10-month-old puppy was recently brought into an animal shelter in LA. Disfigured animals usually have a harder time getting adopted from shelters, but this dog got “lucky.”

She had scars all over her face and extremely [ɪɴꜰʟᴀᴍᴇᴅ] eyelids, a condition called ‘cherry eye’, that required surgery.

When the Humane Society Of Silicon Valley [HSSV] first welcomed her, they didn’t think they’d be able to find Lisa a home, given her unusual appearance.
She’s now settling into the family perfectly, and Christine and her daughters are so happy they looked past appearances to find their beloved new family member.

“My girls were freaking out the whole time that somebody else was going to take her,” Doblar told. “She’s pretty funky looking [but she] has a wonderful, sparkling personality. The fact that she was going to each of us, and just as loving and exuberant with everyone she greeted … we looked at a few more dogs but nobody could compare to that.” The family went back the same day and adopted Lisa, who they renamed “Lucky.”

They adopted her that same day and renamed her Lucky.

Christine says: ‘She is a precious girl. We adore her. She had the entire family wrapped around her tiny little paw.’

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