Ukrainian Refugee Turns Around, Goes Back To Save Dogs

For those fleeing Ukraine, the speed at which Russia invaded meant they only had time to pack the bare essentials. One woman, however, is doing the unthinkable and returning to the active [] zone… The animals that have been left behind must be rescued.

Since the [] began, many people have been forced to make the “difficult decision” of whether to flee or stay behind with their pets.

Marina has risked her life in order to keep working at “Shelter Friend Ukraine.” Marina returned to “Ukraine” after visiting “Poland” with her children in order to save the animals (left behind).

“I’ve taken in hundreds of dogs and have seven nurseries [oc.occupied] by fur kids,” Marina explained. I’m now rescuing any animals I come across on the streets (leaving). Despite the fact that we are overburdened, we continue to help.”

Marina bemoans the fact that she doesn’t have enough supplies to care for her rescued animals. Marina can’t get food, [me.dicine], or bedding for the dogs because she doesn’t have access to them. She’s feeling ill as a result of the stress.

“After the [] is over, I plan to travel to “Poland” to express my gratitude to the “Polish” people who are caring for my children,” Marina said. ” I’m going to take my kids home and look for homes for the hundreds of animals in my shelter who are in desperate need. “

Now, she is donating pet food and carriers to the nine main refugee centers set up along the border. She wants displaced people and their beloved pets to have healthy food waiting for them after their long journey.

“You have these families who have traveled 100 miles, 200 miles, to get to the border and they’ve walked 50 of those miles with a dog on their back,” Marina said. “So if a person is willing to do that for their dog, I’m definitely not going to be the one to tell them, ‘You gotta get rid of your dog to find housing.’ I’m going to try to do anything in my power to get them into housing with their pet — especially since they’ve already given up so much already.”


Marina, you are unquestionably a God-sent Angel. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of these precious babies.
We are praying fervently for her safety and the safety of others who volunteer to care for animals..

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