Two Puppies Comfort Each Other With Hugs After Being Rescued ❤ Rescue Dogs

After discovering a family of dogs in need of help, Jane MacMurchy, operations director of Animal Charity of Ohio, a nonprofit humane society, arrived at the address to find a mother and her two puppies living in bad.

It was clear that the owners were not caring for the dogs, and the little family had learned to depend entirely on each other.

“They were living in terrible conditions,” MacMurchy said. “It was a good 6 to 8 inches of debris in a makeshift pen, and [the puppies] were completely unsocialized.”

The owners handed over Lady, a 7-year-old mother dog, and her 5-month-old puppies, Peaches and Layla, to the rescuers, who hurried the canines to the shelter.

While a veterinary checkup found the dogs were relatively healthy, the puppies lacked confidence and had no idea what to do when their mom wasn’t there to show them. It broke MacMurchy’s heart to see Peaches and Layla hug each other for comfort in the shelter.

“We were doing the vaccinations and the wellness check, and Mom finished first. We were walking her out into our intake area, and the puppies, without mom, latched on to each other because they were so scared,” MacMurchy said.

Though it is sad to think about the fact that some people would abandon their own pup, it’s uplifting to think about all the wonderful people, like Jane MacMurchy, who are working hard to make sure that these mistreated animals get the love and care they truly deserve.
The little family is living together at the shelter, where they’re learning what it means to be safe. Jane MacMurchy knew that the dog needed a chance of love so she decided to make her a part of her family and named her Luna.

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