Toby, Hulk And Abu, The Dogs That Lionel Messi Loves And Takes Care Of As His Own Children

One of the greatest football players in the world is the Argentine, Lionel Messi, who and the Argentine team have won the World Cup in Qatar 2022. But this famous man not only loves this game very intensely, but also a dog lover.

Because in his life, he had three beautiful dogs that both he and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo were proud of. Although they mainly talk about the giant dog Messi, Dogue de Bordeaux, called Hulk, they also have two small children, Abu and Toby.

If you are a follower of this professional football player, you definitely want to know all the details of his pet, so we present how many Messi dogs have, their names are What and like.

Lionel Messi has three dogs in the house, named Abu, a dog that is said to be a toy or a ruffled dog, a bigger dog, also said to be one of those two breeds, and Hulk, and Hulk,, The Dogo dog from Bordeaux, which is huge but has an emotional heart, because there are photos he can see walking and playing with his family.

He can be seen on the Instagram of Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo as their son Ciro, Thiago and Mateo spend their days with players with three puppies, who always look neat and allowed for Is a special diet.

Toby is the first puppy to enter Messi’s life, because this brown toy poodle is a gift that the football player has given to his wife now since some small people. They were born, so it was officially their first child. care about. Later, Hulk entered his life, as a gift from Antonela to Lionel in January 2016, so now, Lionel Messi, Hulk is seven years old.

Finally, with Abu, the smallest member of the Messi Messi family, because this is known by the wife’s player by 2020; Watching couples have been moved to see that small ball looks lovely.

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