Tiny Kittens ‘Big Lungs’ Leads Rescuers to Find Her Hiding Under Car

A tiny black kitten named “Rice Cake” with large and talkative lungs has accidentally led rescuers to his hideout. To keep warm, the kitten crawled into the car. But she was afraid to go out and started meowing for help.

At first, rescuers in Sunset Park could only hear the screams and it took some work to locate the source. After that, many rescuers from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, got together to free the ‘Rice Cake’ from the car.

This nimble kitten “with great lungs” was taken out of the car, covered in grease and fleas. After she was released, the lifeguards gave Banh Gao a bath, a snack and she started talking again.

Rice Cake is purring and making cookies after her first shower and snack. Welcome to the good and clean life, Rice Cake!

The kitten loves to be cuddled and won’t have to worry anymore. A lot of people reacted when they saw Banh Gao being rescued, including some humorous reactions.

Rice Cake meowed at the right time, was heard, and a big thank you to the compassionate and delicate ears who led the investigation and saved her from a ʜᴏʀʀɪʙʟᴇ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ!

She worked with many lifeguards, including Sunset Park Cats, to save the kitten. Fortunately, the owner did not turn around and drive away before they arrived. “I used to have cat-related responsibilities, so Sunset Park Cats took over and pulled the baby out with her bare hands! She was ꜰɪʟᴛʜʏ with grease and ꜰʟᴇᴀs but purred and made cookies after a morning bath and a full box of food,” she said.

Sunset Park Cats shared that Banh Gao is about four weeks old. They had to work together for hours to get her free.

“Today, I went to the scene with My Feral Lady where a kitten got stuck under a car. This is a small baby, perhaps four weeks old. We tried setting up a kitten trap, but that really didn’t seem to work,” they explained.

They try to crouch right under the car and imitate the kitten’s meows with their own voice, the kitten will come towards them, stick its head out and meow. But it’s still very sketchy and not close enough to take it out. And then it will continue to fear and retreat. They finally gained the kitten’s trust enough to reach under the car, grab the kitten, and get it out.

They are doing amazing things for animals in New York.

It can happen any time of year, but when the weather turns cold, cats and kittens can take shelter in the car. We have shared a lot of stories about this and you should check before you start your vehicle.


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