TikTok Challenge Has People Sharing Pics Incredible Before & After Rescue Dog Transformations – DOGS

A new challenge has just emerged on TikTok and let’s hope it continues for as long as the platform is online. It all started when Alexa posted a video, saying “Show a photo of what your dog looked like in their shelter and what looks like right now.” She even introduced us to her own dog and shared a before and after picture.

Many people found Alexa’s challenge very nice and responded to her call. Anyone who had adopted a dog from a rescue organization or any kind of shelter shared their pet’s transformation!
This is a very beautiful movement. Adopting animals from shelters is like saving a life, in the pictures below you will see it yourself.

Those sad eyes shoot straight through the heart. I’m so glad that someone saved him/her.

The Glow Up Is Real

Pandora Became Penny!


So Glad Dobby Came Into My Life!! Big Thank You To

My Glow Up!!

Rescue Dog

Koda Bear Is A Very Happy Pup Now

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