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This little hamster broke its little arm, so it needed a cast to help it heal. Take a look at that! It’s so small and sweet. This picture shows a positive, which is this little guy’s recovery, rather than how to take advantage of it.

A vet clinic in Petrozavodsk, Rᴜssɪᴀ has posted this super cute photo of a teeny-tiny hamster with a tiny cast, and now the Internet can’t handle its cuteness. The poor fᴇʟʟa broke its arm and was brought into a vet’s office. Luckily, it was taken care of and given probably the world’s tiniest cast.

As a very active little hamster, he was certainly disappointed. The vet gave him the tiniest — and most adorable — arm cast before sending him home.

Although we feel very sorry for this unfortunate guy, there’s just something super cute about pets with casts.
And just to add an extra little ʙɪᴛ of adorableness to an already adorable pot. We’ve compiled a list of pictures of animals with tiny casts on as they recover.

A Superman body cast? Extra points for creativity.

This little guy fell out of a tree and ʙʀᴏᴋᴇ his leg. Aw!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter smile in my whole life.

That cast is almost bigger than him!

Another little up who got himself into a. ʙ.ɪᴛ of trouble! Get well soon!


Triple casts on a hedgehog? There’s something I never thought I’d see.

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