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Dogs are man’s best friends, but who are dogs’ best friends?
This story has to do with when a volunteer found a homeless pet dog and also the amazing picture she took. The picture is handled to summarize trouble that is very actual for far a lot of dogs. Living outdoors, homeless, chilly, and also lonesome. The picture went viral as fellow pet lovers were heartbroken by the photo.

One morning, while on her way to volunteer – Mary saw a heartbreaking image. A wild dog lying on a teddy bear. The weather is cold, the dog has no one to be around and take care of. He is pitiful and sad.

No one knows why the dog was there. It is a heartbreaking image.
The dog could not be separated from his toy and spent every second with it. The shelter workers are guessing that it’s because Sisu either had a similar toy or his owners had one just like that.
After Sisu’s post went viral. The organization posted a response about the photo after facing backlash comments questioning why the organization only took a picture of the dog but did nothing to help save it.

“I know that one of the first things someone is going to comment is “why did we not pick the dog up?”. On one feeding route, we can feed up to 50 stray dogs. Of those 50 dogs, we are lucky if we are able to save one because the sad truth is, there are not enough foster homes to place these dogs into. This dog is in relatively good condition and sadly, when people see a dog in this shape they are less likely to step up to foster. So what we do is mostly post the dogs that are in ((ᴡᴏʀsᴇ)) shape and need immediate medical attention. This dog, without a doubt, depicts the plight of the dogs in our city.”

I think this dog was laying on his toy because he loved it and it reminded him of being with his owner I hope he finds a person that will adopt him and give him all the love and care that he deserves.

Now, he and his favorite toy got adopted and found their forever homes!

Volunteers are remarkable for their work and also they make the world much better for every person. Fulfill the committed volunteers of a nonprofit group based in Houston Texas called “Forgotten Dogs of the fifth Ward Job”. They dedicate their time, initiative, money, and like into conserve the roaming pets in their community.

Unfortunately, it’s unknown why there are many strays in Houston, it could be feral pets or simply individuals abandoning their pets. Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Task are attempting their hardest to make sure these canines are able to endure, having fed plenty of pets. Genuinely a terrific team.

The dogs they take care of to take off the streets are able to discover really caring for life residences, where they can live happy lives. No more sleeping on the street and going through the chilly rain starving for those pets.

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