This pit bull puppy surprises everyone with her happiness, as she leaves shelter

Despite her life wasn’t easy at all, this pit bull puppy surprised everyone at Douglas County Animal Shelter with her happiness. When Matilda was brought here, she was in a precarious medical condition. However, her tail never stopped wagging.

When a pit bull puppy named Matilda arrived at Douglas County Animal Shelter, the staff noticed right away that she was always happy. There wasn’t a moment when she wasn’t smiling or wagging her tail.
After growing up as a stray on the streets in Georgia for the first two months of her life, she could very well be wary of humans. But this girl LOVES attention.
Matilda radiates joy in her photos. And after hearing about what she went through in her first months of life, it’s even more amazing that she’s so positive.

Santina Sanders, a volunteer at Douglas County Animal Shelter, shared a video of Matilda on Facebook, showing the dog’s enthusiasm. She gave the most sweetest kisses,” the volunteer told The Dodo. “She was the cutest thing ever. ”
But Santina wasn’t the only person impressed by Matilda’s joy. The rescue group Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also fell in love her. And one of the group’s coordinators, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo decided to take Matilda to a foster home. “The dictionary definition of ‘joy’ is: ‘noun: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’ This is the picture next to that definition in the dictionary. Matilda. She is pure, pure joy,” Pibbles & More Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook.”
In fact, she found Matilda so irresistably cute that she pulled over her car multiple times just to give her a snuggle.
Kerrie Rich, Matilda’s foster mom was equally won over by the jubilant pup.
“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” Rich said.

There’s only one thing Matilda seems unhappy about – and that’s wearing a collar. The first time Rich strapped one on her, she was so disturbed that she stopped wagging her tail for the first time since they had met.

It was like an on/off switch – the minute she took the collar off, Matilda was happy again. Rich surmised that she might still have some irritation from her skin ᴀɪʟᴍᴇɴᴛ making the collar uncomfortable.

Aside from that issue, the happy pitbull made herself right at home with her foster family, happy to snuggle, play with the neighbor’s dogs, and even watch Rich’s son do his homework. Besides collars, Matilda loves everything about her foster home.
She loves napping with her foster siblings, and she also enjoys playing with her toys. She also loves hanging out with her foster mom’s neighbors!

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