This motherless cat will ᴅɪᴇ alone near the fence, but look at it now!

As you may already know, kittens need a week to ten days to begin their first days after they are born and they desperately need to be with their mother. They can’t see well for weeks afterward, and that’s completely normal. At this point in life kittens are quite vulnerable and in need of special care, but imagine if you found a kitten that was only a few hours old. That’s exactly what a man sees.

One day, bmcuser was coming home from work when he heard a faint cry coming from a nearby bush. He went over the fence and found a small kitten with its eyes closed and its umbilical cord still intact. Apparently his mother had just given birth a few minutes ago, but she was nowhere to be found.


The man will not let the cat like that. He took the kitten home and his wife went to the pet store to buy infant formula. They feed the kittens with a small bottle every few hours. It spends most of its time sleeping and they’re really not sure if it can survive without its mother.

The next day, they took the baby to the vet and the doctor confirmed that the kitten was not yet a few days old. His eyes and ears were closed, but his umbilical cord had fallen off on its own. The vet warned them that the kitten needed special care because there was no mother around.


Unlike other animals, kittens grow quite quickly and it takes several days for Casper to show the first signs of growth. “He used to sleep on our legs or shoulders,” bmusser said.

In a week, Casper’s chances look much better. He started feeding himself as soon as he opened his eyes and like any cat, Casper was able to eat normal cat foods within a few weeks.



Now, the adventures are pretty exciting but also exhausting, so Casper takes frequent naps. He’s not alone on his journey and he has a friend beside his mom and dad.

Look at him now Casper has grown into a beautiful boy who loves to play with his parents. Two and a half months later, Casper is completely independent, though he still tries to sleep on his father’s shoulder. Take a look at this amazing cat!


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