This Little dog trapped in pool of tar kept barking until someone heard him

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that they have countless ways to communicate with people in different situations. Their behavior changes depending on whether they are hungry or angry – happy or sad, as well as the sounds they make.

That’s why when a group of workers near the town of Suwalki in Poland were walking on a forest road when they started hearing panicky barking they knew they should investigate. They decided to follow the sound and see what it was, and we are grateful that they did. The workers headed in the direction of the barking, and they encountered a horrifying sight. They found a dog completely trapped in a puddle of tar.

What they find will be enough to leave me speechless. There, the dog lying trapped in the tar, unable to escape, is a dog in dire need of rescue.

The workers contacted Joanna Godlewska, of the Niczyje Animal Foundation. She went straight to the scene, unsure of what to expect and worried about it. “When I finally got there and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears welled up in my eyes,” Godlewska said.

It is thought that the dog may have sought warmth and lay down in the tar without knowing it would become a trap. Anyone can guess how long the dog has been trapped, but one thing is for sure, it will not make it through on its own. His spirit was rapidly dying when he was discovered, and if it weren’t for the workers he would surely be ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ

Godlewska and a team of firefighters were able to pry the dog out of the tar, first by cutting off part of its fur and then using cooking oil to loosen the rest. She believes his satisfaction is self-evident. The dog was then taken to a veterinary clinic to be treated for exhaustion.

After a messy few hours, during which the remaining tar was cleared from his body, he was taken to the doctor. Fortunately, it happened that he was in good overall health. “He feels better and better,” Godlewska said.

The dog, named Farcik, still has some work to do to recover, but he is now surrounded by people who take care of him and will work until he is in a safe, loving home.

Indeed, a big thank you to everyone who banded together to save Farcik.

Farcik nearly lost his life in the tar, but fortunately some kind people arrived at the right time. We are very happy that Farcik is doing well!


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