This is ‘Dirt’, The Nevada Railway Cat Who Always Looks Like He Needs A Bath

The Nevada Railroad is on “America’s Loneliest Road”. There you will meet a cat called Dirt the Railway Cat. So how can a dirty cat like Dirt gain so many fans in the media? He has very different markings, but he always looks like he’s been working on the tracks all day with the rest of the members!

The truth is that the East Ely Railroad is Dirt’s permanent home. He was born more than 11 years ago to a mother cat that roamed the station. On the contrary, his mother gave birth to her kittens under one of the trains.

Dirt’s mother and other siblings have left. However, this special cat was alone but did not dare to leave. And so the train staff decided to leave a box of tuna on the seat every night for the lonely kitten. Finally, over time Dirt gets more confident and friendly!

Dirt absolutely loved rolling on the factory floor and he would climb over the coal pine trees on the steamboat. This is how he earned his name “DIRT” of course the name is the same as coal. When cleaned, Dirt is an orange and white cat. However, when it started rolling in the ground and climbing onto the train, its white fur was speckled with gray patches.

Plus, at a very young age, Dirt learned to regularly clean himself. “Back when our trains were built, running a railroad was the second most dangerous job in the world. First, mining is the most dangerous job and we are the copper mining railway company, doing the first and second most dangerous work in the country at the same time at the same place. A hundred years ago, rough and tough men had to move millions of tons of rock, by rail, to smelt and create copper to power the world. You look at old photographs of those men, and you can tell in their eyes that they have stories to tell. When you look into Dirt’s eyes, he has the same look.”

Don’t approach him too fast, and you have to wait and let Dirt come up to you. He will walk around you to feel you out first, and if you bend down and just wait for him to come to rub against you, you are more likely to be his friend.

When people looked at Dirt’s photos, his factory was still the same, nothing had been rearranged, no machinery to replace it with more modern equipment. Dirt ensures that we will devote ourselves to the stories and ways of life of the railroad 100 years ago.


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