This Guy Takes Selfies With Wild Animals and They Are More Than Hilarious

Meet the man dubbed “Animal Whisperer,” a photographer and adventurer who’s mastered the art of taking selfies with exotic animals. Originally from Ireland, Allan Dixon has been traveling around the globe to capture smiling snaps with kangaroos, quokkas, camels, sea lions… you name it!

Known as the “animal whisperer,” the Gold Coast, Australia-based content creator stole our hearts many years ago when his grinning photo next to an equally jubilant quokka went viral. Since that time, Dixon has continued to snap photos next to the smiling small wallabies along with monkeys, kangaroos, and plenty of pups.


Having started in 2015, he now has quite a solid collection of funny and light-hearted snaps that won the heart of the internet. But the purrfect selfie isn’t just all fun and games, and it could take “’anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the animal’s presence’ to take the perfect selfie,” Allan told us.


Each magnetic selfie features Dixon and an impossibly photogenic animal posing together like they’re old friends. Dixon always seems to capture their best side as well as an expression that shows off their personality, whether that’s a curious glance, watchful side-eye, or radiating enthusiasm. Through these portraits, we become acquainted with the animal kingdom and learn that it has the same variety of personalities that humankind has.


Aside from his charming animal portraits, Dixon uses his social influence online to help enact change. On his popular Instagram account, he brings awareness to issues like the single-use plastic problem and pet homelessness.

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