The Tiger Cat Will Be sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ Tomorrow. He Will Have Knee And Side Immobilization Hardware.

I love his sweet little face and beautiful eyes. Tigger had to show me his impressive scratch card skills when I visited him. Tigger did a great job in sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ and is recovering well.

His doctor said the knee surgery went well. However, breaking your hardware twice is not. He will be resting in a strict crib. He has very few bones to work with so he has to THINK! Keep sending your good vibes and prayers his way. GO TO THE CUP!

Tigger is so cute. Shelby said his doctors are in the process of giving him painkillers. He is doing well and is currently getting a lot of attention. He is the star of the hospital, everyone loves him. Shelby picked up Tigger this morning. I can’t wait to know his condition. He certainly won’t be active so soon. He was ordered to take a strict rest. He needs to let his bones heal so he can be active like this and more.

He really is the best kitten. Every day, I just wait for his update and scroll through my photos. Tigger heals fast so you can run like the wind.

Tigger’s transformation is amazing what the rescue community can do in the face of a challenge. Tigger is lucky! Not all kittens have this opportunity to thrive. I am grateful to Shelby and all of you who have followed his journey with me. I can’t wait to see him walk, run, and play like a kitten could.

This cute little girl is recovering with Shelby and is on strict rest. Maybe after his next check up with the doctor I can give him some pet and love. So far, I have been able to raise about $1500 with the rescue money I support for him. That’s the biggest amount I’ve ever helped raise.

I visited Tigger yesterday! It was very difficult for him to get a photo. He is rigorously looked after and well-rested but still a fun guy. Tig has a recheck appointment on Monday and then hopes he’ll be freer.

Tigger is doing well. Still on strict rest. Shelby is taking great care of him. I just think he’s hugging his legs while grooming. It’s so cute. He would never have been able to do this without the sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ he has undergone. He is a special and lucky cat. This silly nugget will be with me tonight! I look forward to spending time with him. Hey Tiger!

Tigger has a new bed! He thinks it’s for the best and won’t give it up.

A Tigger Circle. I could only watch him peaceful and happy for hours on end. Hopefully he will be bandaged and pinned after his surgeon appointment today. I was very excited when he removed the bandages and pulled the pins. He also went on to become a kitten and run!!!


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