The Small And Brave Chihuahua Was Attacked While Protecting Her Home From A Robbery

Chihuahuas are very brave despite having a very small body. They don’t recognize or grasp the size of other breeds that might outpace them. However, they are undaunted, often fighting enemies four times their size with courage and strength.

Pinky, a tiny Chihuahua from the Compostela city of Nayarit, Mexico, has caused a stir on social media for his brave act of defending his home after a burglar broke in and attacked him with a the fearsome pitchfork, an object used to plow the earth.

The brave little dog’s actions are proof that even those of us who feel weak can find the strength to stand up to injustice.

When the thief broke into the house, it took several hours for Picky to be discovered; his body was wedged between the gallows. He was quickly taken to the emergency room, where veterinarians tried to save his life.

When the dog arrived at the vet, doctors were startled to find a fork was still stuck in its body: it had pierced from the spine to one of its limbs and testicles. Fortunately, none of these vital organs were harmed by this ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟʏ device. The staff of the Animal Center Pet Shop veterinary facility announced on their Facebook account about Pinky’s health status:

“One of the fork spikes went from the spine to the testicles, and the other through the entire leg, fortunately none of these punctured any vital organs. After undergoing surgery, we are waiting to see how he reacts because the infection is very dangerous.”

This brave animal spent the week in the clinic, being monitored and given veterinary care to prevent disease from leaving its wounds. Luckily, for him and his family, he won out and joined them at home.

After careful consideration, the family decided to report their Chihuahua attacker to the police for justice.

Social media has been greatly affected by this young dog’s brave act, and many people have expressed gratitude for his bravery through prayers, kind words and a picture. So beautiful.


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