The puppy is dying and the mother is desperately begging for help until rescue arrives

Across India, wild dogs often live on the streets. The villagers are very kind to feed and take care of them, but most cities do not have a veterinary hospital for these homeless animals and many never benefit from the care despite being at home. in a treatable and often fatal condition.

Fortunately in Udaipur Rajasthan – India, Animal Aid Unlimited is a rescue center, hospital and sanctuary for derelict street animals.

Just a few days ago, the mother of a puppy broke down, almost lifeless, and didn’t know what to do to help. Her eyes were filled with sadness as she watched her baby ᴅɪᴇ, but her eyes and deep sadness drew attention to her plight, warning them to consider the small mound above her, gray soil faded only to see a puppy breathing.

He unconsciously convulsed, but he was still alive. They call for help from Animal Aid Unlimited.

The puppy was taken to the hospital. He was in shock, his temperature was low, and he needed immediate medical attention to warm up. 

He was given intravenous fluids to stabilize and remain shock-free, as well as to treat his pain. Although he did not have ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ bones, he had many deep wounds on his neck. They have been watered and cleaned. He remained in a coma when hospital staff wrapped him in a basket and hoped he would survive the night.

The sun rises the next day and the puppy wakes up from his coma, but the next task is to feed him.

By day 3 he was still weak, but lots of love, care and especially hand-feeding seemed to be the catalyst to keep him going.

Watch life return to little Snuggler, and he returns home to his mother and family.


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