The Mother Dog Who Passed Away After Trying To Give Birth Has Melted Millions Of People At This Heartbreaking Scene

After giving birth, the mother dog is given special care by veterinarians to recover as quickly as possible. However, because the dog was suffering from a dangerous disease, the situation was really serious and the mother dog worked hard to give birth to the puppies.

When millions of people saw this photo of Juligal, a mother dog who passed away after giving birth to adorable puppies, their hearts melted and they couldn’t hold back the tears.

After more than five hours of vigorous therapy, the puppy passed away; The mother dog also passed away, leaving behind four newborn puppies that were orphaned. Many people experience emotional reactions when they see the birth of cute puppies.

While raising a healthy dog takes a lot of work, it’s worth it to share the birthing experience with your pet. We can better understand how to care for, value and treat dogs with kindness after reading this article. Pregnant dogs need more attention until birth to ensure that the mother is round and square. Have you ever sent something with your dog?

Most dogs give birth naturally, but special breeds like BullDog, Boxer, Chihuahua, etc. or dogs that are over cared for by their owners, can be quite challenging. There are babies that are easy to give birth and there are babies that are difficult to deliver, possibly due to the mother’s health or other objective factors.


So it takes a lot of help to give birth to a dog; We cannot rely solely on our understanding of canine reproduction. We also require a lot of mastery of manual skills. To ensure that your dog is “round and square”, it is important that you seek the assistance of professionals or a veterinarian.

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