The Mother Dog Was Abandoned By The Owner, Both Legs Were Cʀᴜsʜᴇᴅ By The Train, But Still Trying To Take Care Of 4 Small Children

It is impossible not to cry when witnessing the terrible plight of abandoned stray dogs. However, not every mother dog is as fearless, strong and devoted to her cubs as Si Bao.

This dog was about to die in a collision that Cʀᴜsʜᴇᴅ a train to crush its hind legs. Its owner mercilessly “abandoned” the animal. Si Bao’s life seemed hopeless until she gave birth to four extremely cute and healthy puppies, who became the driving force of this poor mother dog’s existence.

After finding the joy of living again after having children, Si Bao regained his spirit. Since then, she has continued to care for her children with a strong and resilient attitude. Tu Bao moved with his front legs, attentively observing the children. Si Bao’s luck only got better when the charity Animals Asia founded by Jill Robinson saved his family and named the brave mother dog an animal ambassador.

Si Bao is moved to the organization’s headquarters, where he can start a new life with his child instead of trying to survive by begging for leftovers from passengers passing by on the train. Only Muddie can survive.

For easier mobility, “Lelly ” has also changed its name from Si Bao and plans to install a wheeled prosthetic leg. Only Muddie was left of Kelly’s four puppies when the party found them; the other three died of high fever. Lelly is currently living her life to the fullest as Animals’ “animal Asia” ambassador.

Although only a small puppy, Lelly is a prime example of a resilient personality that does not give in to difficulties.


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