The kitten doesn’t have fully developed front paws but he’s the cutest furry cat in the world

The ginger-colored kitten was found on the street in very poor health. A local resident carefully took him in and took him to the Humane Society of Arizona. Over the years, these rescuers have encountered all kinds of animals but as soon as they saw this cat they realized that this was a truly special animal.

The kitten does not have fully developed front paws, but it is the cutest furry kitten. They took him to the vet and there they realized what the problem was. “Joey Roo” was born with a congenital condition called radial dysplasia. This condition causes the bones of the upper extremities to grow shorter than expected or not grow at all. It can be very different, but in the case of Joey Roo there is only a small piece of small leg that is not used for support and walking. However, he has a tiny claw.

Fortunately, the kitten has perfectly developed hind legs. Joey Roo jumped all over the shelter and quickly stole the hearts of all the volunteers. They fear that the furry guy will be rejected for his condition, but he has such a great personality that sooner or later someone will open the door to welcome him in. That’s when a woman named Cortney arrived.

As soon as she saw the ginger kitten, she knew she was destined to give him the home he desperately needed. “It was love at lightning. I brought him home the same day I met him,” Cortney said.

The cute fluffy guy gets used to his new home very quickly. He started running up and down stairs with his adorable little jumps and has never let his condition stop him from taking on all sorts of adventures.

“The second night he got into the trash can. He can jump amazingly high for a kitten without front paws,” Cortney shared. To help him feel more comfortable, Cortney bought him a specially designed stroller. 


This way, Joey Roo can go for a walk and keep attracting them all with his cheerful personality.

He gets along with everyone who likes to meet other cats or dogs that come to the house. He loves being the center of attention and being petted.

Beautiful Joey is further proof that all animals deserve a second chance. Usually, animals that are older or have medical problems are sadly ignored and have little chance of finding a home. Don’t hesitate to open up to pets with special needs.

Congratulations to this cute kitten that has come this far regardless of its physical condition.


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