The Family Burst Into Tears When Reunited With The Dog That Was Lost For 5 Months Living On The Street

Drako a dog lost and walked many kilometers, homeless and hopeless, but after a long time his family did not give up until they suddenly found him.

When a pet goes missing it’s always frustrating and sad for responsible owners, it’s often a painful moment, but never give up hope of seeing them again and hunting them down. in the farthest place.

Drako is a puppy who has been wandering the streets for months before being reunited with his family, who hug and pet him in amazement and tears in his eyes.

They reunited with their lost dog for nearly half a year, Jenny Tafur JTR captured the moment and posted it on Facebook, where it has received more than 2 million interactions. In the article, Drako is resting in the mud with a bed to keep from the cold in winter.

He apparently got lost between Pamplona and San Juan de Miraflores, Peru, and landed in Chorrillos. They don’t know how he got there or how he survived, but they do know that his relatives have been searching for him for five months by air, sea and land of all kinds. 

The dog was sleeping on the street, but someone was responsible for transporting him to an important location where he would meet his family.

A man approached him and was surprised, then started to cry and loved and hugged him. The rest of the family ran to give him some love, but Drako calmly wagged his tail from side to side, content with what was going on.

We will feel the joy of both dogs and humans when we meet again, you can feel happy for them.

Congratulations on getting them back together!


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