The dog with a ‘tail’ growing out of its face is unique

While most of us are fascinated with anything hairy like rabbits, cats, and dogs, of course, some of them “fascinate us” bigger than others.

Sure, everything they do is super cute, watching pets by rolling around and tucking their bellies in, running around in all sorts of funny ways, exploring every nook and cranny of the house if that’s something refreshing every time they see it or simply wagging their tails.

But some special little snowflakes have been blessed with two of those tails! Today’s story is about one of them, a puppy who was born with an extra tail on his face. This adorable dog is named “Ninnar”

This rescued dog has a tail growing out of its forehead. This cute little fur ball was found wandering in the cold with another elderly dog by Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue organization in Jackson, Missouri. They immediately realized it was not just an ordinary puppy when it had an extra tail growing from its forehead.

The extra tail reminded rescuers of a unicorn’s horn, so they decided to name the pup “Ninnar”. For anyone who doesn’t know, a narwhal is a real-life unicorn of this world or to be precise, a toothed whale with a large “tusk” protruding from its head like a unicorn’s horn.

Questions are asked “Does a puppy’s tail wag its tail?” Although it is really cute, its keepers say that the tail is actually inactive and they have never seen it wag. The narwhal was found abandoned in the freezing cold with an elderly dog

After examining his unicorn’s tail, the vet said it wasn’t connected to anything and had no real use.

There is no reason to remove the Unicorn’s unicorn tail at this time as it doesn’t seem to bother the dog at all. He never slows down and is like any other normal puppy. The baby unicorn will be adopted once it is a bit older and its caregivers can really make sure that the tail doesn’t start to disturb or slow down the adorable pup in any way.

Except for its peculiar extra tail, the Unicorn appears to be perfectly healthy. we’re sure he’ll find a permanent home in a flash!

Everyone fell in love with him right away.


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