The Dog Is Barely And In Excruciating Pain After Being Stung By Thousands Of Bees, Abandoned By His Heartless Owner

That sick puppy had a nasty reaction to the sting, and he was immediately taken to the vet. Unfortunately, that’s when the ailing Stinger found out his parents, when they took him to the vet, they turned the dog in.

The owners of the pit bull Stinger took him to the vet when he was allergic to bee stings and then the antibiotics he was given, and they heartlessly abandoned him rather than continue to care for him take care of him.

These days, the organizers of LuvnPupz have secured a company, Carri Shipaila, and accepted the threat. She knew that Stinger’s pores and skin had suffered from serious infections, some scabies, and that his weight could be very low, which was dangerous. Poor Stinger was locked in the corner of his cage as he recovered from the painful incident.

Days passed, and Stringer was still in a state of extreme distress. And it is also known that Stinger also has ‘Pemphigus’, an autoimmune disease and needs a daily prescription for the rest of his life. Ms. Shipala said that “although most dogs in Stinger’s condition will die before they have a chance to reach the shelter, she would love to find him a new home.”

The poor dog is hairless after suffering a painful allergic reaction to the sting and antibiotics. Even so, the defective dog did not give up, he is a great dog. He loves anyone he meets, he is the prime example of how you will beat any trouble in your life, he is smart, sweet, brilliant and full of lifestyle.

On Wednesday, Luvnpupz said Stinger had been diagnosed with scabies, a highly contagious skin disease that added to his woes. The underlying skin condition may have been ‘exacerbated by the sting’. Stinger is being cared for at the Allegan Veterinary Clinic.

In the next 30 days, the doctor will review his health and training and hope to find him a permanent home. Stinger is being cared for at the center and will be evaluated in a month to see if he can be sent home. Luckily, the big dog found a beautiful new home and LuvnPupz was still able to pay his bills to the medical center.


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